Movera is an easy to use wellness platform that encourages you to have fun while creating healthy and sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle.

Rise to the challenge.
Get moving together.


Goal setting, along with health, fitness, and dietary tips make it easy to create healthy, sustainable, lifestyle habits.


Connect using a wide-variety of fitness trackers, smartwatches, and apps to compete with your friends and coworkers.


Win or lose as a team. All team-based challenges use aggregate numbers. This means that no one will ever be singled-out.

Inspire Together

Rally your friends and coworkers by challenging them to individual or team-based competitions. Movera allows you to connect with coworkers and friends and motivate each other, all while having fun. Get ready to accomplish more together.

Make it Happen

Movera helps create a sense of community, helping you and your friends/colleagues interact and have fun. Having a friendly, motivating support system makes getting active more enjoyable and gratifying.

Move Forward

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle go beyond physical health. Regular exercise and balanced nutrition can improve quality of life and shape your mental well-being. Movera will support you and your goals with credible information revolving around health, nutrition, and fitness.


It’s time to challenge and explore what’s possible, together.